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Birth of Jesus Christ - Icon

Icon - Birth of Jesus Christ (Russian, 16th century)

Coptic icons    Jawlensky/Meditation          Fra Angelico - Annunciation       Budhha wheel      

   Coptic icons               Jawlensky/Meditation         Fra Angelico/Annunciation          Buddha


 Caravaggio/Matthew             Van Gogh - Starry Night                 Shiva Nataraja

Caravaggio/Matthew                Munch/the Cry                  Van Gogh/Starry Night        Shiva Nataraja

 Boccioni - Brancusi - Caravaggio - Chagall - Duchamp - Turner -
Klimt - Matisse - Rembrandt - vanGogh

Boccioni - street noicis

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    the kiss - Brancusi       Buddha earth touching   






      Umberto Boccioni                Brancusi/the Kiss                   Buddha                 


 Storm on the lake  -  Jesus sleeps in the boat  

Storm on the lake  -  

Jesus sleeps in the boat 

(Ethiopian icon)











Down:  Rembrandt - 
      The Prodigal son (1669)
William Turner
- Venice (1838)

 the prodigal son - Rembrandt  Tuerner - Venezia Canale Grande 



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Bernhard Frei

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The fine arts -
explain, reveal, meditate upon

In school we had "art history"
as a subject. On holidays,
we have often admired
works of art and visited museums.

In museum we often stand dumbfounded
before large pictures,
but also small masterpieces
often cause our hearts
to leap as well.

This is why this homepage
was created: Experiencing
and sharing art through
meditation and encounter.

Not in a professional academic sense, but still factual, 
practical and proven.

Author rights

This website

for "meditation and art"
is dedicated exclusively
to my friends.

In addition, there is
absolutely no commercial
or financial interest.


Every injury of a copyright
is unintentional,
please you inform me
by a mistake.

If there was an infraction
against authors rights,
please inform me
of any mistakes.

Bernhard Frei - Merano




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