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Three colors - Three countries

13/03/2021 09:33
From now on, three colors shine for three language areas: D E U T S C H  für die deutschsprachigen Gebiete,     Blu celeste scuro per  l' I T A L I A N O,   E N G L I S H  language areas in spring green. - Übersetzungen/Traduzioni/Overprotions  are...

Beautiful, real and true

27/08/2020 15:23
Attentive friends will have noticed that I have completed and rearranged my homepage. The contributions were mostly made in family meetings or discussion groups. This shows my goal: to awaken the joy of art and to sensitize for this feeling, the taste of the beautiful, real and true.  Then, in...

Corona time - opportunity for meditation

27/08/2020 15:15
Corona Virus and meditation - here are some very concrete suggestions and examples. Covid-19 has also become an opportunity to seek 15 minutes of meditation. Works of modern and classical art, icons and more - examples as an invitation to also look for the beautiful in art.

Laughter among the religions

27/08/2020 11:53
Laughter can really only man, it needs spirit and life. Therefore, laughter has a lot to do with unterstanding and evaluation, with the heart and the brain.  Among the religious founders Jesus and Muhammad already laugh hardly, Buddha more. The God of the Bible laughs at his enemies; when...

The clown and the preacher

27/08/2020 11:48
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was once asked if a preacher could also play a clown. "Yes, if he can."   But when asked if the clown could preach a sermon, he answered, "Yes, if he wants to."


31/07/2020 15:19
Hello, friends especially from the USA and from all over the world have said to me: "Translate your homepage into English!"  This will take some time, but I will try - and I ask for patience and understanding!